Economic development in Jackson, Clay, Owsley, Lee, and Leslie county

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FOCUS is a five-county economic development group in southeastern Kentucky. We work to create opportunities for businesses to start, grow or move to our region, while also increasing economic opportunities for individuals and families through good jobs with positive workforce skills.

Why Partner
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Our advantages
Quality Workforce

This area of southeastern Kentucky is home to some of the most welcoming and hardworking people in the country. Southern hospitality shines through.

Broadband connectivity

Industrial parks and communities in our service area are equipped with lightning fast internet services up to 1 gigabyte.

Supportive community

Officials at the city, county, and state levels all work together to drive economic growth.

Low cost of living

The cost of living in this region is well below the national average. This means that your money goes further when it comes to your employees.

Highway infrastructure

The newly reconstructed Highway 30 provides the infrastructure to access acres and acres of available land.

Natural Beauty

The FOCUS region is nestled in the heart of Appalachia. Everywhere you look, you'll see natural beauty unlike anywhere else.

What is

About Us

FOCUS is a regional economic development organization with a mission of providing leadership and guidance in economic development for five counties in southeastern Kentucky.