What this region has to offer

From its location, to its workforce, to its infrastructure, the FOCUS region offers benefits to businesses of every size.

Quality People

The best of the best

A strong and dedicated workforce is critical to the success of any business. The people of southeastern Kentucky are known for their strong work ethic and commitment to their communities. The resilience and adaptability that is consistently shown by our people will help businesses succeed and grow.

Broadband Connectivity

Lightning-fast internet

We know that the 21st-century economy moves at the speed of information. That’s why many of our communities and industrial parks are equipped with up to 1 gigabyte of internet service.

Highway Infrastructure

Quick transportation to and from

Construction on the final segment of KY Highway 30 is now finished. Completion of this long-anticipated transportation project significantly improves safety, reduces travel times, and creates new economic opportunities for residents in Jackson, Owsley, Clay, Lee, and Leslie counties.

A shorter, straighter path means drive times will be cut in half from 21 minutes to 11 minutes. KY 30 is the most direct route from Lee, Jackson and Owsley Counties to I-75 south. Unwinding and widening this heavily-traveled rural road will improve mobility, sight-distance, and safety for a forecasted 3,200 motorists, commercial trucks, and emergency vehicles that rely on this roadway every day. 

The KY Highway 11 from Owsley to Lee County is ongoing and will continue a path of safety and economic development for our region.

Community Support

All in this together

The communities in our region are quick to partner up and support one another. FOCUS itself is a reflection of that. Officials at multiple levels of government and business are committed to the economic development of these five counties. 

Low cost of living

Affordable lifestyles

The cost of living in our region is well below the national average. That means that every dollar does more when it comes to your employees. Businesses can leverage this to drive more growth and expansion.

Natural beauty

Picturesque landscapes

The FOCUS region is nestled in the heart of the Appalachian region. From rolling plains to magnificent mountains, you’ll find natural beauty everywhere you look.

This natural beauty becomes even more valuable as adventure-tourism continues to grow in the wake of the pandemic.