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OWSLEY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) – On Thursday, Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman visited the Owsley County Recreational Center to present more than $1.2 million to local leaders.

“I am very pleased to see such integral funding coming to our district,” said Rep. Chris Fugate of Chavies. “Updating our water and roadway infrastructure, as well as developing housing opportunities, will play a major role in our effort to be the best we can be. I am proud to work alongside my colleagues in the legislature to provide these funding opportunities for communities that need it the most, and it will be exciting to see projects take shape.”

The funds will be used to repair roads, support cleaner water and support local nonprofits.

“Investments in our communities provide Kentucky a solid foundation for building tomorrow’s economy,”Lt. Gov. Colemansaid. “Opportunity is coming to all corners of the commonwealth. As a mom, and as Lieutenant Governor, it is exciting to be a part of building a better Kentucky for everyone.”

More than $30,000 was awarded for repairs of a failing embankment on Quillin Road. County officials said, because of the embankment slipping away, school buses can not drive on the road.

“Several families have been affected by the dangerous slip in the road,” said Owsley County Judge Executive Zeke Little Jr. “Owsley County is beyond thankful for all the assistance.”

More than $246,000 was given to the city of Booneville from the Cleaner Water Program. The money will be used to improve the telemetry system. Officials said the project will allow better monitoring of the entire water system and benefits more than 2,000 homes.

“The city will use the Cleaner Water funds to help reduce water loss throughout the county to make the operations much more efficient and reduce costs,” said Booneville Mayor Nelson Bobrowski.

$1 million was presented for the Booneville Redevelopment Project.

The city partnered with Partnership Housing Inc. to build one duplex and four single-family homes. The homes will be located at 87 Twin Meadows Road.

“School bus drivers are telling us the children they pick up at these new living quarters seem a lot happier and smile more than previously because they are happy with the new duplexes and homes,” said Mayor Bobrowski. “Things like this make the city and council want to keep helping people get new housing and home ownership!”

More than $12,000 will go to the Emma Quire Mission Center from the Team Kentucky Nonprofit Assistance Fund.

“The Emma Quire Mission Center works to make hope visible to the people of Owsley County,” said local director Linda Witt. “Through the Mission Center and the coordinated efforts of Frankfort’s First Baptist Church, Together for Hope, countless volunteers, churches, and local nonprofits, as well as the local government, many needs of the people have been met. Whether it is disaster emergency efforts during the recent flooding or meeting daily needs of families, the people know that the mission is a resource for them in their time of need.”

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